Muhammed T. Razzak

Muhammed T. Razzak

I am reading for a DPhil in Computer Science at the University of Oxford, supervised by Yarin Gal in the OATML Group.

I'm interested in developing robust machine learning systems that would enable applications in heterogeneous resource-constrained environments; specifically around sustainability and healthcare. This includes designing machine learning solutions to enable deployment in these settings and developing novel machine learning techniques that solve associated fundamental challenges. I am also a Research Assistant on AI Governance and Justice in Africa at the Centre of Socio-Legal Studies at Oxford.

Previously, I was a researcher at the Frontier Development Lab working with the European Space Agency, a part-time lecturer at the University of Cape Town and a research intern at Mila - Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, working with Kris Sankaran and Yoshua Bengio.

I completed my BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering, supervised by Fred Nicolls, at the University of Cape Town.

I am a Rhodes Scholar and a Klaus-Jurgen Bathe Scholar and was previously funded by the National Research Foundation of South Africa.